Monday, September 15, 2008

Ready for an Encounter?

I am. I leave Wednesday for our annual school retreat where the whole high school takes the week for worship and spiritual renewal. Last year I left with the senior class where I had a WHOLE week, but this year only three days, but I expect them to be a great three days.

God has been encountering me in some incredible ways the last five weeks, and in the coming weeks, I'll fill you in, but right now I feel the need to hold this experience close. Let's just say He is fighting a great big battle for me and protecting me from some weaknesses I've had for a long time. Victory is in sight for me and He is bolstering me with an unexplainable strength.

I feel incredible on a whole lot of levels. I see my doctor next week for a thyroid check and I'm really excited to tell him about what is happening in my life.

May you feel God's blessing overflowing in your life.


skoots1mom said...

eager to hear!
so glad you're feeling good... : )

Robin Lambright said...

Have a great retreat, I wil be praying that God show up in a mighty way!