Saturday, August 23, 2008

Got some catching up to do

Let myself get behind on some stuff but I think over the next day or two I'll catch up.

Oh and great celebration: My DH is 45 tomorrow. I think he is cuter than when I met him 29 years ago. Yessirree.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Sabbath Reflection

Today was a day of reflection and remembrance as we said goodbye to an in the flesh saint. He will be so missed, but he lived each day as if Jesus was coming back that day and he wanted to be ready. I am happy he has received his reward.

Also recently some things have happened - big and small:
*I finished grading some papers
*DH and I started Disciple IV
*I have changed my way of eating permanently and honestly do not miss the old way
*My hair is growing - big wow for me :)
*I am really truly happy with my life
*I am really truly going to bed before 10 PM tonight

I am excited about what this week brings. It should be an adventure.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to work

Man, sitting through meetings is exhausting.
Dealing with difficult parent sponsors is more exhausting. You see, things have changed in some of the structure - and it is a better system. And managing one of the grade levels has been added to my job - not as a volunteer. Change is hard - boy, do I hate it myself - but dealing with passive-aggressive people who are determined to keep me out of the loop is harder. Fortunately, I know how to deal with them, which is by encouraging the designated leaders to stand up, and do what is required and right. But change is hard. Not bad.

Anyway, today I got time in my room, which felt great and got to take some time doing some of the little details that too often get forgotten. I still need one more desk and could really use another table to use during tutoring. But the desk is way more important.

I've had some visits and hugs from former students, which was great. And visiting and catching up with my buddies has been incredible. But even more wonderful is listening to the vision and passion that our headmaster has for Christian education. I just love working for him. And not just Christian education, but Christ. Today was a really happy day. I'm excited for next week.