Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Sabbath Reflection

Today was a day of reflection and remembrance as we said goodbye to an in the flesh saint. He will be so missed, but he lived each day as if Jesus was coming back that day and he wanted to be ready. I am happy he has received his reward.

Also recently some things have happened - big and small:
*I finished grading some papers
*DH and I started Disciple IV
*I have changed my way of eating permanently and honestly do not miss the old way
*My hair is growing - big wow for me :)
*I am really truly happy with my life
*I am really truly going to bed before 10 PM tonight

I am excited about what this week brings. It should be an adventure.


Libby said...

yay mrs puddles and her growing back hair!

skoots1mom said...

Drink in Esther...i love that book!
Douglas, we'll so miss you...but save us a seat at the table!

Mezzo Forte said...

soooo, how have you changed your eating habits? is it WW or just HS (the Holy Spirit)? I'm really sick of myself but can't seem to gain control of that or my quiet discipline...I'm the pits!

Sarah said...

Well mezzo... very little refined carbs. Well defined meals and snacks - otherwise I graze all day.
I write down EVERYTHING that I eat. Those points keep me accountable. Plus with being back in school the amount of time that I am around food is severely limited, so that helps a bunch.

And I suppose HS had something to do with it.

Robin Lambright said...

It really put into perspective the greater picture when you have those crystal clear moments like we had at Douglas’ funeral.

All the unimportant and unnecessary thing just seem to fall away and you really see what is important.

A life celebrated such as Douglas’ was is a true testament to what we are all working towards.

I need to do my list of life changes as well. I am starting disciple V tomorrow with SK, and I am working on a few written projects as well, you know those moment in life when you feel like you are on the verge of something only you are not sure exactly what that is, or it could just be perimenapause?

Mezzo Forte said...

soooo, you eat sticks, twigs and cardboard, yeah?

Sarah said...

nopie... no cardboard :)

lots of salad with grilled chicken, some lovely baked salmon with olive oil the other night

lots of veggies :)
lots of water :)
only one cup of coffee in the morning and one soft drink at lunch

and I have lost 6 pounds in 12 days :) whoooo

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

6lbs in 12 days is great. I just starting toying with the Alternate Day Diet.

Mezzo Forte said...

Good fer you! Perhaps someday I'll look like I did B.C. (before children) =0)
Keep up the good work!