Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Smarty Pants

So it is achievement testing week in the Elementary. In private school it only happens once a year and we are grateful for that! So today DS gets in the car and said that when their test was done they had another one, an IQ test. And they were told not to expect to finish the 72 problems in the time allotted. Little squirt took that as a challenge and finished. :) I have been suspecting that DS may be smarter than all of us. I would have loved to been born with a photographic memory.

DD is turning into a writer. She writes beautiful devotions and had has her English teacher editing and commenting for her. She also likes fictions, but this is very cathartic to her to get it all down. She is talking about looking at ways to get published - so if you have any thoughts...

DH is working on our landscaping. It is coming together in the front yard. The back yard is the dogs domain and anything put back there will likely be eaten.

Me? Well I am streaking. 2 days, 30 minutes on the treadmill, 1.17 miles.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Streak: 1

Tonight on the treadmill - 1 mile. It took me 27 minutes.
Day 1 down.

Also, without divulging my weight... I could comfortably lose 75+ pounds. But help me not obsess on the weight part and focus on the healthy.

I'm Inspired

... to be a streaker.

Exercise is my nemesis. I hate it. Just like I hate cleaning house. So my friend is gonna streak and I'm gonna too.

So starting TODAY I am going to post how many days in a row I exercise. Even if it is for just 10 minutes and the fibromyalgia is acting up, I am going to do it. So, ya'll pray for me because I am also sick on top of it all.


Some of my fellow blogger put up words of inspiration and scripture. Well, my senior students (my "little ones") have their last day of school on Friday. Here's my words: "FREE AT LAST". Truly I will miss them all - some more than others, but I can see each one's gifts and graces. I can see their uniqueness (and quirks), and I love these kids. They will always be special to me because they were my "first". It is going to be a bittersweet week.

So as my first "little ones" leave the nest help me to find the words to say good-bye without winding up in a puddle.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Can you hear me blow my nose from all the way over there? I'm sorry. It is rather trumpet-like.

Today is a music-filled today. Both kids participated in solo and ensemble. DS percussion group probably blew the judge away. They are very good. DD's solo was VERY good. As it turns out she got the woodwind judge who is also a bassoonist so he understands the difficulties of double reeds. But after the great solo, apparently she was very tired (too much warming up) and didn't do well on a duet with her flute BFF. Oh well.

This afternoon the HS band has their concert outside. Oh YAY - more pollen. 'SNOT GOOD. And then the chorus goes inside for their concert, accompanied by yours truly. Hopefully I can keep the snot and sneezing at bay for the duration.

So after my seniors leave, it looks like I will do some subbing duty for the Geometry teacher as she will be on the trip with the seniors. Okay... tell me how much sense it makes for a teacher who hasn't had the majority of the students since the 9th grade to go on a trip to Colorado with them. Not like I'm bitter or anything. Cause I'm not. And i'm the rookie and have to do something.

Oh but good news :) I'm touring with the youth choir from church. Whoo! I'm just trying now to figure out some good practical jokes for the bus. LR... bet you can help with that one, huh?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prom 2008 aka my first school dance since being a teacher

It was so much fun!
That's all.

Just kidding. It really was so much fun. The kids were great and I got a nice formal dinner out of the deal. Not great pictures but a couple of really special ones. Two of my students dragged (is that a word?) me onto the dance floor with them and made me look like a fool, but who cares? And I got to catch up with some teacher friends that I hardly ever get to see.

It was fun and at the same time I am both ready for the seniors to go and sad for them to go. It is now the count down for their last two weeks. *Sigh*

On another note. C#. Just kidding again. The theme for today's sermon tugged at me about how much I need my shepherd. The shepherd was my mom's most favorite image of Jesus. The hymn "Savior like a Shepherd Lead Us" was sung and/or played at my and my sister's baptisms, my parents wedding, my children's baptism and my mother's funeral. I could have crawled under a pew and wept and been perfectly happy to be invisible today as it was sung right before the offertory. Some things about grief will never diminish, and that song is one of them. I hardly ever miss her - or the hardship in our relationship - or the hardship of her life in general - but music will always make me miss her. And today I do.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sleeping in ... because of prom!

Can someone give me a WHOOT?
So tonight is prom night and guess who is going!! Can you guess? Well? Well?
You are WRONG! It's not DD. It's me!

This will be my first school dance as a teacher and I'm looking forward to seeing my students all dolled up. I'll be dressed up a bit, too, but not so much as them.

So we take the day off of school because of prom. I don't remember doing that... but let's get real. Why should you have to go to school when you have much more important things to do... like your hair and nails. Sheesh!

Nothing like driving into Buckhead during rush hour :)
Don't worry, I'll post pics!

Monday, April 14, 2008

And what to your wondering eyes did appear...

but a newly red haired and highlighted me. Enjoy! I am!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Attention! It's RED!

My hair is red with caramel highlights. Pictures to come soon!
DH loves it.
DD loves it.
DS said... your hair is striped and what have you done with my mom!!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's a quiet day in the neighborhood

DD is away on retreat today... coming home tonight! DS is away working at the Irwin's. DH is in his office working. And yours truly is playing on the internet. Life is grand. :)

So today I walked on the treadmill 20 minutes. Yuck, but I did it. Got the car detailed and now it smells like new. YAY! And... *drum roll please* ... I am going to the salon for a new 'do. Cut, color, the works. Which means another couple of hours by myself pampering me!

This may just be the best day of my vacation except I miss my kids and the pollen is getting to me. *snort*

I may not be practicing solitude in the spiritual sense but I am liking the quiet.

So, excuse me now while I go to my big comfy chair and do a logic puzzle before my makeover.

For those of you new to internet lingo:
DD = Dear Daughter
DS = Dear Son
DH = Dear Husband

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Give me Joy!

Today's sermon was on the fruit of the Spirit, joy. Honestly, this fruit is the one that I have struggled with most in my life. At least the outward expression of joy. Other people say self-control, patience... and I do struggle with those as well, but with self-control and patience I KNOW the response I am supposed to have to work on those things.

By nature, I am an introvert, meaning I feel more energized if I am able to be alone. Only then can I truly give myself to other people.

Thinking about it today, I consider those moments when people tell me I look sad or angry or upset or whatever and remember that in some of those moments I am actually very happy, even joyful but do not have the outward expression that some might associate with joyfulness.

I read scripture and sing songs about joy. When you have Christ in your life, how can you not be joyful? But if you feel it inside, but do not show it outside, what does that mean? I don't know - that's why I ask the question.

At this time in my life, I am completely surrendered to God. A year ago I submitted in obedience and blessings are being poured out upon my head. My cup truly overflows. But it is not easy for me to express in exuberant, joyful terms how this makes me feel. I have never been one to wave my arms around and yell, "Hey look at my joyfulness." That's just not me.

So how do I express joy? I think this is something I have to work on. I think this is a growing edge for me, outside my comfort zone. Those who know me best can see the joy. Those who don't know me at all may think I am a melancholy type of person.

It's time for me to get off of the fence and decide how to express the joy I feel inside. Because until I do I think my witness is not as strong as it can be.

How do you show your joy?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

SB08 as the kids like to say

Today is a new day. It is raining lightly. The birds are singing and at the feeders and I am having a cup of coffee and about ready for some breakfast.

Reading back through my posts I guess I am happy with my blogging start. The last few days have been a bit unsettled - given I am a high school teacher the week before spring break. Last week we had a big ole nasty drama. Geez.

A few things I must do this week:
Do lots of logic puzzles
Love on my family
Get on the treadmill *every day*
Read my Bible *every day*
Spend time focused in prayer
Clean my house
Call my dad *I am terrible about this*

We are going camping late this week as a family and I am looking forward to a time away with just us. No students. No papers to grade. No lessons to plan. *Well actually I do but I'll do it before I go*

I plan to return refreshed and renewed. Today I just plan to rest.
Oh and go to Medieval Times. That, too.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I am sitting in my room with my study hall. And they are playing monopoly and apples to apples and visiting next door with the yearbook staff who is also not doing anything.

Real productive day.

But in 28 minutes, I will be finished for the week. And I will have officially survived the week before spring break with seniors who think they deserve to do nothing.

Oh well.

So I am sending my daughter to Florida tomorrow. And Andrew is going to work on Monday. Woo. And this post is boring even me so I'm going to say goodnight, Gracie.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


ERIN IS IN REMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read all about it here:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Almost there...

I'm tired.
I'm wired.
I'm ready for Spring Break. READY. FOR. SPRING. BREAK. NOW.
Did I say NOW?

Because these crazy people sweet students I teach have got some serious senioritis going.