Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prom 2008 aka my first school dance since being a teacher

It was so much fun!
That's all.

Just kidding. It really was so much fun. The kids were great and I got a nice formal dinner out of the deal. Not great pictures but a couple of really special ones. Two of my students dragged (is that a word?) me onto the dance floor with them and made me look like a fool, but who cares? And I got to catch up with some teacher friends that I hardly ever get to see.

It was fun and at the same time I am both ready for the seniors to go and sad for them to go. It is now the count down for their last two weeks. *Sigh*

On another note. C#. Just kidding again. The theme for today's sermon tugged at me about how much I need my shepherd. The shepherd was my mom's most favorite image of Jesus. The hymn "Savior like a Shepherd Lead Us" was sung and/or played at my and my sister's baptisms, my parents wedding, my children's baptism and my mother's funeral. I could have crawled under a pew and wept and been perfectly happy to be invisible today as it was sung right before the offertory. Some things about grief will never diminish, and that song is one of them. I hardly ever miss her - or the hardship in our relationship - or the hardship of her life in general - but music will always make me miss her. And today I do.


Robin Lambright said...

Just kidding.......You were in a good mood yestrday! We all need to have some unnecessary silly fun in our lives from time to time. By the way I really do love the hair, Looks great in person, it was kinda hard to tell how fab it was from the pic. see you soon.

Mezzo Forte said...

What? No picture!!! C'mon now, gotta have a picture or it ain't REEEALLY a prom don'tcha know!

skoots1mom said...

Another note: C- (ha ha, we all know its really a B)

I agree with Mezzo...need pics, plz. Gotta see how HOT u were with that new hair in a formal...Katie bar the door!

My Mom's fav hymn is "Precious Memories" and mine is "Because He Lives"...both of which played at my Dad's funeral. He died 18 years ago on April doesn't seem possible it was that long ago.
Now, I'll always remember Daddy and Mrs. Pepper (him on the 17th and her on the 18th)
Thank u Jesus, for promising us Heaven...I don't like saying bye to people.