Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Smarty Pants

So it is achievement testing week in the Elementary. In private school it only happens once a year and we are grateful for that! So today DS gets in the car and said that when their test was done they had another one, an IQ test. And they were told not to expect to finish the 72 problems in the time allotted. Little squirt took that as a challenge and finished. :) I have been suspecting that DS may be smarter than all of us. I would have loved to been born with a photographic memory.

DD is turning into a writer. She writes beautiful devotions and had has her English teacher editing and commenting for her. She also likes fictions, but this is very cathartic to her to get it all down. She is talking about looking at ways to get published - so if you have any thoughts...

DH is working on our landscaping. It is coming together in the front yard. The back yard is the dogs domain and anything put back there will likely be eaten.

Me? Well I am streaking. 2 days, 30 minutes on the treadmill, 1.17 miles.


Mezzo Forte said...

There is a "self-publish" company out of Canada. I have some lit. on them as I have a little picture book that I've been thinking about publishing. This company will put your book out on Amazon and some other places. Anyway, one of the gals I graduated from high school with is publishing a series of books through this company.

Mezzo Forte said...

Oh and the streaking only works if you don't eat a gagillion mini Reese's cups! AGH!

skoots1mom said...

This is a link to self publishing from the Christian Women Online website...I personally don't know anything about them, but it might help..I was just looking at their stuff last night