Friday, September 19, 2008


It is so good to be surrounded by my stuff. TV, COMPUTER (how I missed you my precious baby), cellphone (I had no signal), comfy bed and peace and quiet. Oh and hubby and son. I missed them, too.

But it was good to be away from it all. Yes, I was with my students. And that was great and I had some precious relaxed time with fellow teachers. The speaker was wonderful and the worship leader. Wow.

Oh and I missed sleep. But tonight I will sleep in my own bed and with 11 fewer roomates. YAY!

I'll update more later but I'm pooped.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ready for an Encounter?

I am. I leave Wednesday for our annual school retreat where the whole high school takes the week for worship and spiritual renewal. Last year I left with the senior class where I had a WHOLE week, but this year only three days, but I expect them to be a great three days.

God has been encountering me in some incredible ways the last five weeks, and in the coming weeks, I'll fill you in, but right now I feel the need to hold this experience close. Let's just say He is fighting a great big battle for me and protecting me from some weaknesses I've had for a long time. Victory is in sight for me and He is bolstering me with an unexplainable strength.

I feel incredible on a whole lot of levels. I see my doctor next week for a thyroid check and I'm really excited to tell him about what is happening in my life.

May you feel God's blessing overflowing in your life.