Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drum Roll please

(that was the drum roll)

22 pounds down!
I have now lost 10% of my starting body weight!

New pictures coming in two weeks!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Progress is a good thing

Almost 20 pounds down. Pretty happy with that and I've been cleaning my closet of clothes that no longer fit. Happier with that.

A lot of things are going well right now in Sarah's land.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Warning: the following may either disturb or inspire you

These are my comparison pictures:
June 20, 2008

Today - 16.8 pounds lighter after 8 weeks on Weight Watchers:

I was very happy today to NEED to buy new pants. Those jeans I am wearing in the second picture, I will be using for my comparison photos as I lose weight. I will keep them forever to remind me where I once was. I will be taking pictures about every 8 - 9 weeks, as that seems to be how long it takes before I go down a size (which I'm good with).

Thanks for you prayers and support. I am feeling great.

Friday, October 3, 2008

October is beautiful

I just love the autumn season. Some of my favorite events happen in autumn, my birthday, my sister's birthday, and many other family birthdays. Oh and Thanksgiving!! This is my favorite family event by far. I reconnect with family on that day and we feast and fellowship and tell tales. We laugh, but don't cry ever, and hugging is only done when necessary - which is seldom. But we are good with that - it's how we are as a family. I absolutely cannot wait for Thanksgiving.

Okay news I know you've been waiting for: On August 9th, I joined Weight Watchers online. It was just time to take care of myself and my weight was/is getting out of control. Online suits me because I hate meetings. HATE THEM. It is working incredibly well for me. In 8 weeks I have lost 16-17 pounds. Tomorrow I will know officially because I weigh on Saturdays.

My goal is to have a minimum of 85 pounds off by New Year's Day 2010. It is certainly achievable. So be looking for some progress pictures. My daughter the photographer will be shooting my scary body every two months or so. So Saturday is 8 weeks and I guess a photo shoot is in order. We will be using a pair of jeans that I will keep forever.

Have a great day.