Saturday, April 26, 2008


Can you hear me blow my nose from all the way over there? I'm sorry. It is rather trumpet-like.

Today is a music-filled today. Both kids participated in solo and ensemble. DS percussion group probably blew the judge away. They are very good. DD's solo was VERY good. As it turns out she got the woodwind judge who is also a bassoonist so he understands the difficulties of double reeds. But after the great solo, apparently she was very tired (too much warming up) and didn't do well on a duet with her flute BFF. Oh well.

This afternoon the HS band has their concert outside. Oh YAY - more pollen. 'SNOT GOOD. And then the chorus goes inside for their concert, accompanied by yours truly. Hopefully I can keep the snot and sneezing at bay for the duration.

So after my seniors leave, it looks like I will do some subbing duty for the Geometry teacher as she will be on the trip with the seniors. Okay... tell me how much sense it makes for a teacher who hasn't had the majority of the students since the 9th grade to go on a trip to Colorado with them. Not like I'm bitter or anything. Cause I'm not. And i'm the rookie and have to do something.

Oh but good news :) I'm touring with the youth choir from church. Whoo! I'm just trying now to figure out some good practical jokes for the bus. LR... bet you can help with that one, huh?

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