Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm Inspired

... to be a streaker.

Exercise is my nemesis. I hate it. Just like I hate cleaning house. So my friend is gonna streak and I'm gonna too.

So starting TODAY I am going to post how many days in a row I exercise. Even if it is for just 10 minutes and the fibromyalgia is acting up, I am going to do it. So, ya'll pray for me because I am also sick on top of it all.


Some of my fellow blogger put up words of inspiration and scripture. Well, my senior students (my "little ones") have their last day of school on Friday. Here's my words: "FREE AT LAST". Truly I will miss them all - some more than others, but I can see each one's gifts and graces. I can see their uniqueness (and quirks), and I love these kids. They will always be special to me because they were my "first". It is going to be a bittersweet week.

So as my first "little ones" leave the nest help me to find the words to say good-bye without winding up in a puddle.


skoots1mom said...

Tell them to:
"Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip."--Will Rogers

Mezzo Forte said...

how you gonna post yer streakin'?
Okay, let's git er done! I'll do 10 min when I get home tonight.

Sarah said...

Well now the challenge has been issued.

I'll put it up the next day of how many days I've done in a row. And I do plan on being honest.... I may have a lot of streaks of "1".

Mezzo Forte said...

I'll start tomorrow (Tuesday) we had a crazy late night tonight at school...Reading Extravaganza...I know, right! Sounds all red carpet wonderful, huh!

Pam said...

Yeah to all of us streakers! I didn't know I started a streaking fad. My streaking is going great. I think I only have missed one day since I started (and I probably actually got a teeny tiny bit in.)