Saturday, April 5, 2008

SB08 as the kids like to say

Today is a new day. It is raining lightly. The birds are singing and at the feeders and I am having a cup of coffee and about ready for some breakfast.

Reading back through my posts I guess I am happy with my blogging start. The last few days have been a bit unsettled - given I am a high school teacher the week before spring break. Last week we had a big ole nasty drama. Geez.

A few things I must do this week:
Do lots of logic puzzles
Love on my family
Get on the treadmill *every day*
Read my Bible *every day*
Spend time focused in prayer
Clean my house
Call my dad *I am terrible about this*

We are going camping late this week as a family and I am looking forward to a time away with just us. No students. No papers to grade. No lessons to plan. *Well actually I do but I'll do it before I go*

I plan to return refreshed and renewed. Today I just plan to rest.
Oh and go to Medieval Times. That, too.

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