Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It is really difficult dealing with negative people.

I am recently having an almost weekly encounter with some serious negative attitudes.  Besides being a downer, it saps my strength.  As a math teacher, I am very accustomed to people who do not appreciate my subject, but rather than walk in closed-minded and deciding the topic of the day is unnecessary to their existence, decide to do their best.

Is this post a major gripe?  You bet it is.  But where better to share my disappointment with the World Wide Web?

Because the fact is - I'm not angry.  I'm extremely disappointed.  Disappointed in a generation that would rather complain about their discomfort.  Disappointed in a generation that does not appreciate learning for learning's sake.  Disappointed in a generation that thinks that voicing their opinion at the moment is more important than respect of an authority figure.

Youth of this world - wake up!  You are missing so much learning because of your selfishness.  It is time to get over yourselves.