Monday, April 25, 2016

Tales from the Classroom - Seniorits

Most years, I teach a class of high school seniors.  Some times not, depending on enrollment and such.

Every year, at varying times, we have to deal with the annual outbreak of "senioritis."  "Itis" - inflammation.  So "senioritis" = inflammation of the senior.  I get to play tough teacher, reality breaker, and at times mom.

They always ask, "Why are we stiiiiilllllllllllll heeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeee?", thinking that close enough is good enough to be graduated and gone.  Well I'm teaching a dual enrollment class, so they have to stick with me until their final exam.

Some day they will learn the realities of having a job:  you do it until it is over on the last day.  There is no just showing up.There is responsibility and accountability and tasks that must be completed.  But for these high school seniors, finishing the job will mean saying goodbye to their friends, teachers, and school.  Some have never attended a different school - so this will be leaving home.

Some students I know I will never see again.  Some I really hope to see again.  I hope they take the lessons shared with them in their hearts and move out into that big world.  Some will bloom where they are planted while some will still be looking for that fertile land in which to be planted.  I know they are ready for change and the excitement their next steps will bring them, but I hope they aren't finished learning.

I hope to never be finished learning.

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