Saturday, August 20, 2016

One month

Hello dear readers (all both of you).

School started two weeks ago and I can tell you - I have the sweetest, most respectful students this year.  I love teaching them and learning about them.

I ended my last post wondering if I could maintain my 10,000 steps a day after school started.  The answer is - YES.  There are two days a week I don't push to get there - Wednesday and Sunday.  The reason doesn't matter why but it is a decision I'm comfortable with.

After being off gluten one month, I can decisively say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  EVER.  There is no doubt in my mind it was keeping me sicker.  I have had a great reduction in my body wide inflammation.  My mind is less foggy - even my thyroid medicine didn't completely fix that.  Why?  Gluten.  I have lost 12 pounds.  My current clothes are no longer tight on my body.  My muscles are less tight and I have much more energy.  My mood has stabilized.  My husband wouldn't bring it up, but when I asked him, he confirmed my thoughts.  Bless that man - he is my number one support and cheerleader.

Three weeks ago I had one of those life scan/heart health tests.  I was very nervous about it because my blood pressure has been a little wacky lately - my doctor isn't worried, FWIW - but everything came back clear!  There is moderate risk of heart disease due to my family history and my current body composition but I'm working on that and my risk is decreasing.

In addition to embracing the gluten free lifestyle (and it is a lifestyle - you can't do this half-heartedly) I also decided to eat a low-glycemic diet.  This is not low-carbohydrate.  It means I made better decisions on when or how to eat certain fruit and starches.  Along the way I am more in touch with how my body responds to things I shouldn't have - last week I had just a few pieces of popcorn.  It was prepackaged but apparently had some gluten in how it was processed.  Saturday was a very painful and stiff day.  It doesn't affect my stomach violently but my body just aches - a lot.

I'm finding I don't care that I can't eat the chicken biscuits sometimes provided at school or I have to refuse some of the tasty treats offered by parents. I do miss Fini's pizza and sushi.  But I can tell you - they are NOT worth it.  The last time we had communion at church, I took a big step and went to the gluten free station.  I was doubting whether I would until the sermon, and even the sermon gave me the courage to do what was best for me.  The Lord has been so good to me during this process.

I have been on weight loss journeys before.  This is different.  I made a decision to make permanent changes, not just adapt long enough to lose weight.  It really wasn't about the weight in the beginning, but I'm so happy it has been a nice side-effect.  How I'm eating now I can maintain easily.

This is just part of my journey - the part that affects my physical being.  But you know, it is more than that.  Much more.  Tune in again sometime and see what happens.

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