Saturday, August 29, 2009

FIFTY ONE!!!!!!!

Wow. After 55 weeks on weight watchers, I have lost 51 pounds. I still 30+ to go, but that decision will be made as I approach that goal. It has been one of the best and hardest things I have ever done.

It is good for me to go back and look at old pictures and see where I was. I am not happy with that woman I see from a year ago. I loved her and she was mostly happy. But she was not healthy and not being disciplined and self-controlled. But I do not dwell on that time. It is time to continue moving forward on this journey towards health. I still have a LOT to learn. I can do more for myself, but it is taking baby steps.

On another note, also health related, I'm not feeling so great.
The manufacturer of one of my thyroid meds changed the formulation by changing the fillers and thousands of patients on this thyroid medicine are becoming ill again. Fortunately, I am on two medications for my thyroid, so I don't have such severe effects, but this is the medication that completes the package for me and helps me focus mentally and gives me energy. I knew I needed a tweaking back in the spring and early summer because my voice is giving me problems, but then I got some of the "new" medicine and then crashed. Then got wired. Now I'm heading towards another crash.

What gets me is that this medication was reformulated and the manufacturer told NO ONE. It took patients calling and complaining for them to say, Oh, we just changed the composition of the fillers. Well, freaking yay. Look Mr. Manufacturer your brilliant decision is making people sick. Fiber and this med don't mix and messes with the absorption of it... they DOUBLED the cellulose. Yup. Fiber. GRRRR.

Okay I'm going to post a gratuitous after 51 pound picture now. Thanks for letting me vent and supporting me on this journey.

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