Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post campmeeting thoughts

I love campmeeting - outdoor church with the church family and dynamic speaking and inspiring music. I love it.

I love campmeeting food - fried chicken and corn pudding and cake and cookies and brownies and and and... But I didn't eat any of that. I had lean meat, green beans, salad, some great shredded zucchini with spinach thingie (oh so yummy) and the occasional brownie and ice cream (thanks Robin). Oh and I still lost 0.4 pounds :)

It was proof to me that one bite of things like corn pudding and hash brown casserole are enough for me to feel like I've had campmeeting food. Proof to me that I have learned how to eat healthy. Proof to me that God has given me more strength than I thought I had.

I still haven't reach my elusive 50 pounds lost. Only 2.2 pounds to go for that and then another 30 or so after that. I readjusted my loss time line and I'm really okay with it. It took me well over 2 years to gain all this week, so I believe getting to goal in 2 years is pretty wonderful. The fact is this: I am more healthy now than I have been in the last 10 years. My 16 year old daughter is proud of me - how awesome is that! My husband is proud of me - even more awesome. My 13 year old son is clueless .... HAHAHA. I'd like to think my Mama is applauding me in heaven and that I have inspired someone to care about their own health.

In 2 weeks I will celebrate (yes, celebrate) a year on this journey. I don't know how I will celebrate but I know it will include a manicure, no cake, and probably something delicious made with spinach :)

Life is good. I am blessed.

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Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Your Welcome!

It was good wasn't it! (if I do say so myself)

But you are so right.

I really enjoyed campmeeting this year in more ways than one.

I was able to recognize that a small taste was just as satisfying as a big spoonful. I can thankfully say that I did not gain any weight.

There was not one night where I sat down to worship feeling anything but satisfied. I did not over eat or over indulge and I did not feel deprived or left wanting.

All things in moderation.

It was a good thing to recognize that even with all the abundance at my fingertips I can choose what I will eat and how much!

You go girl!!!!

Love you, you skinny thing you!