Saturday, April 3, 2010

Twas the night before Easter...

Tonight the family spent some time on our deck loving the Spring weather. DH and DS and I had enjoyed a grilled steak dinner while DD was on a date with her boyfriend. After she returned we laughed and talked and sang along with classic country songs. We also had a great chocolate chip cookie cake compliments of her boss for her birthday.

I had choir practice this morning and every once in a while when I do a lot of singing (Easter & Christmas) the TMJ pain flared up - darn it overuse! - and I had a pretty awful headache from the facial muscles spasming. I did take some medicine and rest it up and I think tomorrow will be okay.

As I do most mornings, I read some blogs. One friend just got out of the hospital with a miraculous recovery and I feel so blessed to read that news. But two young women that I have been praying for - one I do not know at all except through her blog and one is a friend of one of my students - are about to meet Jesus face to face as cancer has devastated their bodies and they need Him to alleviate their pain. I see my own daughter who has her own struggles, and is their age, and it tears my heart. I think of their mothers and how hard it would be to say goodbye.

In a little over a year my daughter will be leaving home to go to college. As difficult as that goodbye will be, I know it is a temporary goodbye. I will be able to call and text her. I realize that the goodbye for these mothers is also temporary as they both are believers, but their daughters will not be a phone call or text away. Other of my friends have lost children to death - and the pain they describe and the emptiness just seems unfathomable.

Tomorrow is a little bittersweet as I remember 25 years ago (on Good Friday) learning that my favorite aunt was going to die from her brain tumor. I remember driving her home in her car as a 17 year old and her leaning on me for balance that day. I remember that my mother drove my grandmother in my mom's car to tell her the news. It was a lot to take in. But it is a beautiful memory just between me and my aunt Ellen. I didn't have much to say but I remember buying her a little bunny at the Hardee's when I got her something to drink. She wasn't very verbal at the time and just said "Theodore" and I guess that was his name as that's what we called the bunny until she died. She also had an amazing faith that has taught me so much.

Twenty-five years - a life time ago. But sweet and I know she is in heaven with her family getting some sweet love from Jesus and leading the celebration. And I hope she's eating strawberries. I miss her! Happy Easter and may you all know the hope of eternal life in Jesus Christ.

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