Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Headaches, Haircuts/color & Hypothyroids

Today is triple H day apparently. HA HA HA.

First today I woke with a headache - the result of low pressure from storms coming through. Not that we actually GOT rain. But we do need it. Sorry, I don't want your cures or remedies for my headache, as I get them frequently, and I am an expert at all cures and headache remedies.

Second I got my hair colored, highlighted and cut. I now look the way God intended me to look :). Katie at Absolute Hair in Buford is fabulous with my hair and gives the absolute best scalp massage in the world, giving relief to the aforementioned headache from H E doublehockeysticks. See - a tie-in between headaches and haircuts/color.

Third, and my mostest favorite topic in the world - not. Hypothyroids. I have one. And if my meds aren't right then it is more hypo than before. And that is what I have been dealing with for the last 12 months. Now, I can't completely blame the meds because I didn't drag myself to the doctor like I should have until last week. He wisely told me that "yes, you appear to be messed up." And took 11 tubes of blood. YAY me. Oh, and I didn't even faint. The blood taking lady (phlebotomist for you medical types) was GREAT. No bruise or anything. So that whole weight loss thing? Kind of blown. Not kind of. Just blown. The sad thing is this disease takes away any control that is possible until the medication is regulated. The weight came off before and it will come off again.

And how does this tie in to my other title words? More hypo = more headaches. I can deal with it because I have a great doctor who wants me to get better and get out of his hair (j/k) - but really does want me to get better - and a great God who can heal me with or without medication. But He is choosing with meds and I'm okay with that.

I am such a bad blogger I make you poor, poor people (okay the one person out there) wait 4 months for a new post. Maybe with school back in - I go back tomorrow - I'll get more into a routine. So, to whoever may be out there, I'm signing off for now and going to lay on the couch.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

There are no bad bloggers only bad ...well I thought maybe I would come up with some profound bit of wisdoem but I think I will just take your advice and go lay down on the sofa and take a bit of a nap!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the headaches but excellent shrinking! Impressive.