Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quiet Sunday afternoon

After a really busy weekend, including open house at the school where I teach, I get a moment of quiet as my dear husband takes a break.  He spent the weekend camping with the Boy Scout and needs to decompress.  I totally get that need.

I met some really great people and then some people who... well...  I'm sure they are great, too, but have unrealistic expectations as far as the education of their child goes.  I hope they find a place to belong - really I do.

We have begun the season of Lent - a time when I usually become very introspective and almost melancholy.  My heart breaks over and over because of the love God has shown to me - to the extent that His own Son died to show me how much he loves me.  No one else is capable of such a love.  No one.

I wonder sometimes if I am fulfilling the purpose that God has for me - am I ignoring something?  Am I missing the obvious?  Is there more I need to do?  So, I wait and wonder.  There was a time when I was overly busy doing the work of the church.  And now, it seems I'm not overly busy and I wonder - is there a reason for that?  So I pray for God to show me what it is He wants from me... and I wait for the answer.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I think we may have the identical prayer life.....:)

That last paragraph......DITTO!


Sarah Foster said...

We should get together and commiserate.