Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Mis-mash of thoughts

I've had an interesting several weeks.  Busy with teaching school and busy with taking classes.  And trying to find one of the 5 copies of my college transcripts which I THOUGHT I knew where they were but hopefully I don't actually need them.

I said good-bye to a couple of people.  One who lived a long time and lived very fully and one who didn't live a long time and crammed every bit of living into her almost 19 years.  They are both models to me.  I hope that they have had a chance to meet each other in Heaven this week.  I hope they met my Aunt Ellen who had some very crooked fingers due to breaking them playing softball in her youth.  But, of course, those fingers have been healed - it is Heaven, of course.  I really miss her trying to point at me with those fingers.  Maybe they met the two best uncles in the universe!!  Billy and Bob (no, they weren't brothers but they loved each other like they were).  Uncle Billy would set me on his lap and tell me I was beautiful.  Uncle Bob fixed my car more times than I could count and taught me about brake lines and transmission fluid...  not that I could tell you about that now.

I said hello last week to the promise of new life in my friend's baby.  Such a beautiful baby and she hardly cried and let me hold her for a long time.  So nice to relax holding an infant.

I had a birthday.  Birthday's don't bother me very much as I get older.  Plus, I'm typing this on my new laptop.  It is sleek and shiny like a new sportscar (maybe in a few years that will be my birthday "surprise").

One of the biggest events this week is that my DS is now an Eagle Scout.  It was a long process of merit badges, Scoutmaster conferences, and leading a project - a huge project, I might add - and it became official on Saturday.  Now we wait for the badge to arrive and then get to plan the ceremony.

My whole family is under one roof... of course I'm the only one up.  We had a power outage today and I was wondering how I would get my coffee.  Well boiling water, coffee, a filter, and a measuring cup later, I made some pretty decent coffee, which finished brewing right at the time the power came back on :)  And I sometimes wondered why I had a thermal carafe... now I know. It's to hold my freshly brewed coffee and keep it warm after the power comes back on.

Thanksgiving is my job this year.  My sister has to work so she'll buy beverages and dessert.  And I'll make dinner in my house and transport it to her house.  My grandmother made the absolute best cornbread dressing in the world, and we didn't have it last year, and I missed it so much. My daughter and I said "never again" and so today we will make the cornbread for the dressing.  It is actually a recipe my great-grandmother passed down to her daughter-in-law (my grandmother) and my cousin and I are in possession of the recipe.  Don't tell her... but I make it better than she does.

Over the next few days, I will get to see a lot of people I love.  We don't always agree - and that is okay - but we are bound by blood and love.  We usually only see the best in each other, and in a family, I supposed that is how that it should be.  We are a mis-mash of personalities, lifestyles, and beliefs.  A mis-mash - just like my thoughts today.

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