Friday, November 23, 2012

Breakfast in the hotel

Hotel breakfast rooms generate great people watching.

There is the older couple leisurely enjoying their breakfast.  She is perfectly dressed and accessorized.  He is doting on her, filling her coffee when it gets cold.  There is the family who obviously thinks this is their kitchen and comes down in their pajamas, usually 5 minutes before breakfast closes.  All children are fascinated with the pancake machine, but still, there are those who are impatient with it and expect it to spit out a fully cooked pancake immediately, then wonder why they get multiple pancakes.  (Pushed the button multiple times).

And then there's me.  I was hoping for a comfy chair in the corner, but there are only dining chairs and tables, so I hang out in the corner watching people and waiting for the family.  They know I need 30 minutes alone in the mornings.  It's starting to get crowded and noisy, so I'm going to take my coffee and a paper and head to the room.

Oh and Thanksgiving was good with the family.  The food was great.  The UNO game was fun and I rolled into bed with a food coma. :)

Best part? I do not do Black Friday shopping!!!

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