Monday, November 25, 2013

The gift of time - it is good.

Yesterday was unusual.

First, Leah and I decided to skip Sunday School and sleep in.  There was no lesson and we were tired.  Went to church and lunch like normal and headed to the mall.  It is the weekend before Thanksgiving - it couldn't be that crowded, right?  Wrong.  I can't imagine what it is going to be like next weekend.

After lunch, we shopped for the next four hours.  We have NEVER done that before.  It was a productive trip.  Yes, we found some cute stuff for ourselves, each other and the boys in our family, but we had a long time together.  It was good.

When we got home, we changed into pajamas and decided to forgo the plans we had for cleaning the kitchen thoroughly and straightened it instead while we put together our most girly dinner - broccoli and cheese dip with tortilla chips, grapes, strawberries, brie, and some chilled roasted pork from a previous meal.  Our guys would never buy into this meal.  Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets was also on the menu.  It was good.

We rarely get this opportunity for uninterrupted time, but the guys are in Jamaica on a mission trip right now.  We do miss them, but I am not going to waste this opportunity to be with my daughter.  Yes, we have cleaning and more shopping to do to be ready for Thanksgiving.  Yes, her guy will be joining us tomorrow for a few days.  These three days have been ours - and I am off for the entire week!  It is good.

I remember my kids when they were little.  Wide-eyed and excited for the next adventure.  They both have new adventures ahead of them - both will graduate in a year and a half.  L will head to seminary and other life changes - moving out! - and A will head to his college of choice - yet to be decided.  G and I will learn how to live without taking someone somewhere to do something and be empty-nesters.  We will probably have to decide whether it is time to begin planning the retirement nest... It will be good.

Until next time, faithful readers,  make your time good.

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