Sunday, December 29, 2013

Random end of year thoughts

I've had some thoughts banging around in my noggin so I owe it to all four of my loyal readers to share.

1.  I did not watch "The Sound of Music Live."  I have a few reasons for this.
First, it is my favorite movie.  Of all time.
Second, Julie Andrews is my favorite singer. Of all time.
Third, I like Carrie Underwood.  She is a fantastic performer and I want to keep liking her.

2.  My schedule this semester and the upcoming semester is pretty rough - two new (out of three preps) which means little down-time during the day.  My goal this break was to read a book that didn't involve education or math, but I wound up cooking a lot instead.  But I cooked some AWESOME food.  AWESOME.  You would have benefited from trying it - it was that good.

3.  I really don't like things as gifts.  I like time from people.  However, my family blessed me with some well thought out gifts this Christmas, and I'm pretty happy about that.

4.  We don't sing together as a family quite enough.  We did the other night when my dad was in town and it was great.

5.  While I don't know if I'm ready for my break to be over next week, I do love my job and my co-workers and I miss them when I don't get to see them.  One came to church with me today and I was so happy to see her.  I work at a great school.  Can't wait to see the kids again either.  So... maybe I just contradicted myself?  Hmmm.  But really, I'm not ready because I still have planning to do to be ready for Monday.

6.  I don't really like football unless my team is winning.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading the random things banging around in my noggin.  I hope you celebrated the birthday of our Savior last week and have fond remembrances of 2013.  Come on 2014.  Let's make a great year!

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