Saturday, August 1, 2015

One more week!

Then I'll be a mother-in-law.  What?  I'm way too young and cool to be a mother-in-law.

So while it isn't legal YET, Phill has moved into our house and our hearts, and has confessed his absolute love of smoothies (and my daughter - and not in that order).

I'm doing a cleanse of sort, using green smoothies as my primary diet.  I am eating real food, especially at dinner and snacks, but veggie and fruit-filled smoothies are my mainstay at the moment.  I almost feel energetic.

This week a lot is happening: going back to work on Wednesday and then the family starts arriving on Thursday and there's this event on Saturday.  Oh yeah.  My daughter's (and Phill's) wedding!

And yes, you can bet there will be pictures to follow!

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