Sunday, July 6, 2008

Singing a new kind of song

Well... I have branched out into the jazz world. A no-word, low-singing, scatting, kind of improv type of thing... Well the notes and suggested "words" were written out and it was up to me to provide the "style". I practiced with the CD for days.

Here's how it went... I was skeered spitless. I am a classical type of singer. A soprano for goodness sakes. But I LOVE rhythm and blues. I love jazz. I always wished I could do what I was asked to do Friday night.

And I DID IT!!! It was deep and soulful and LOW and fun. The other choir members called me "Ella." HAHA. This may be the beginning of some new musical exploration. But I can't sing that low for very long... it is a little stressful on my voice. But I can't deny that I was way relieved for it to be gone and done and given the chance again - I'd do it again.

And apparently DH liked it, too, as I was told by some friends that I needed to come home and sing some more to him. ;)


Robin Lambright said...

ooooweee,oooweee, booo-booo-booooo, deee-deee-deeee, bowee, bow-boppbpppbpp,dee-dee-dee, dumm-dummm,ieeeeee, weoooo, weoo, shoo boop, shoo boop, Somebody stop me please. I'm skatting.

Sorry I missed it! You go girl!

JeffersonInn said...

Miss thing! It was awesome. Of course I had to not pay too much attention to you or I would lost track of my own boop bops, etc.. Ha! I loved hearing you sing that low and it sounded fantastic!

skoots1mom said...

i'm so disappointed I didn't get to hear it...this means we must have a followup performance. As much as I already love our voice, i can't imagine how much i would love this, 'cause i be likin' da jazz when i'm in da mood, ya know?!