Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yeah.... but

My DH used to tell me my favorite word was "yeahbut", which meant I was about to argue with him about whatever point he was trying to make. Sometimes I was right. Sometimes he was. YES I CAN ADMIT I AM WRONG ON RARE OCCASIONS!

Well... today has been internet-less because DH's wonderful IT people were sending updates and it messed with our modem although it SAID we were CONNECTED. He is away and tells me to reset the modem. It takes 15 seconds. I saw that's not the problem... he says what if it is and at least I did everything I could. I say "Yeah... but". He says to quit arguing and just do it. Well... I'm updating my blog. He was right. Darn it. And YAY because I'm connected. Darn it.


I shared on my fb a piece of my testimony that included a precious memory of my Aunt E. I loved her and I miss her. She died the month after I graduated from high school. She was dying of brain cancer and was having trouble remembering anything. Her name. Our names. She had a little eraser with a lion on it that said, "I'm a king's kid." She looked at us right before her surgery and said to us, "I may not remember my name. I may not remember who you are, but I'm the king's kid and that's all that matters." Then she placed that eraser on HER HEAD where that tumor was. I never knew what happened to that eraser, but my sister recently read that note I wrote... and I didn't know it.

So, my dad came to visit and said N. has a present for you. It was a camo Georgia Bulldogs purse - very cute indeed. And my DD started getting texted by my sis. DD keeps saying to look in the purse and see how much space it has. We kind of wrestled over it because I just KNEW she wanted it for herself. So we look in the very roomy bag and there is an unmarked envelope. When I opened it there was a very old eraser with a lion and the remains of the words "I'm a king's kid." I was speechless. So I called me sister and asked where she found it. She said after reading my note she was a puddle of tears and set about finding that eraser - our mother saved EVERYTHING. She couldn't find it. Then early this week she needed something out of an old desk of my dad's. She looked in and that eraser was staring back up at her.

It is probably one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received. And when I remember all the times I told God "yeah.... but" I will look at this eraser that I have not seen in 23 years. And I will surrender.

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skoots1mom said...

wow, God, you did a great one this time!!

I would buy one of those small glass domes with a base and that lion's head eraser would have a new home in a very prominent place of my house! What a beautiful remembrance, what a miracle of time travel, thank you, Jesus, for grandma pack-rat (i mean that sweetly)

I love you, Sarah, and this was a special gift from Aunt E to you!
I still have chill bumps.

come read my blog, i just posted a piece I found in my THEN SINGS MY SOUL BOOK...about CASTing our cares on Jesus.

See you tomorrow!!