Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sometimes change is goo..... cough cough... good

At our house, there is a lot of change going on.  DD is getting married in a mere 25 days.  We are moving all her belongings early next week (and those of her fiance) three four states and a time change away in anticipation of that big day.  Then the fiance moves into our house until the wedding day.

Ten days after that DS goes to college, and in the middle of ALL that, my work year starts with the beginning of the school year.  Change.  Sometimes I have to cough out the word gooo.... goooooo.... GOOD but change can be good.

I remember this time eight years ago.  We had made the decision to buy a new, more teenager friendly house.  We also took an amazing adventure to Alaska.  Immediately after coming home, I was notified of an opening at the school and found myself with a full time job for the first time in many years.  Lots of change.  Oh... did I mentioned we moved the last day BEFORE school started?  Lots of change, and it has been GREAT.

So DH and I will be empty-nesters.  All the chicks will be gone and it will be us and the dog, and in March we will also have no more teenagers. We are looking forward to travelling and not being bound by kids' schedules.  I know it will be different and others have had problems when the kids were out of the house, but we genuinely have always enjoyed each other's company and I don't see that changing ever. :)

So if I disappear for a while, never fear, I'm still around.  You can't get rid of me THAT easy.

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Robin Lambright said...

Right there with ya, the dd has been itching to move on campus, in denial here...