Sunday, May 4, 2008

A fresh start

Turning points for me: so I did get started streaking, but when I started I was not well and the last few days I have been very draggy. But things are better today, so a new streak starts tomorrow. I am just feeling very thyroidal this weekend and kind of wondering if something is up with it.

My last day with all my seniors went well. Except for the 12 who have to take a final with me on Wednesday, they are gone. I have 12 remaining juniors who have to continue learning and I hope to find some activities that will interest and engage them. I am now in the count down for the end of my first year teaching full time! Unbelievable.

People say... you teach calculus, you must be smart. We are all smart and gifted in different ways. If we all did the same thing, this world would be very boring.

Turning poing for DD: Tomorrow I will be scheduling her orthognathic surgery to correct her jaw. This surgery will also include a bone graft to prepare her jaw to receive implants in a few years. This is major surgery with a delicate recovery. The most delicate part will be that the nerves will have to regenerate - which will make playing the oboe extremely difficult. For her emotional stability, we need this recovery to go very well and quickly.

End of school year... very busy, very crucial. I think I am just tired.


skoots1mom said...

pls let me know the date...i'll keep Debi H. in the loop with the info...we have a group of youth that visit, bring cards, encourage, whenever any of their friends are recuperating...just let us know when she will be able to receive friends. :)
meanwhile, we'll start prayin' her up, and you, too! my 'mones have been pitching a fit the last two weeks...just now starting to feel better. I feel ur pain, sis!

Sarah said...

Thanks SK. We will have to be careful with the friends... hugging won't be allowed as her face can't be touched. Still talking with oral surgeon to nail down final details.

Mezzo Forte said...

Will be prayin fer the DD. I know how important it is to one's state of mind when what you could do - ya can't or can't fer a fun honey!

Girl, I'll be singing a happy tune when our "seniors" are G-O-N-E! Yikes, what a group!

Oh, the streak....0 days exercise....2 days of chocolate chip cookies!!!! Whoo-hoo! I ROCK!

Sarah said...

I had two days of ice cream. :)

Mezzo Forte said...

Day 4: Chocolate chip cookies & other assorted sweets.

Sarah said...

We really gotta change the focus of our streaks. This does not bode well for me.