Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It is finished...

Thought I should add this info:
DD's next oral surgery appointment is May 19th. He wants to re-evaluate her and update her records. Next step is the treatment plan and the scheduler said they can usually get us in for surgery in the next couple of days to weeks after that. Only thing is... I think we have to have an orthopedic surgeon to harvest the bone for the graft. So, we are on our way.


The Seniors of 2008 are gone now. They took my final this morning - one was extremely disrespectful and I wrote him up. They have other finals to take as well, but mine is over.

They had a completely Senior led AXIS (chapel) today and it was very well thought out. It ended with some very sweet moments between them and the underclassmen that many of them were mentoring. I have to admit to shedding a few tears.

I feel like God put me here for a reason - and I can see it on some of their faces. I also found out one of my senior students may have a nodule or mass on her thyroid. Pray for her - her name is Julie and she is a promising artist.

Some day I will be able to see the fruits of my labor, but for now I will be satisfied that God used me to plant some seeds. And that is enough.

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