Saturday, June 15, 2013

Music through my son's eyes

So Andrew and I are at AtlantaFest this week.  This kid loves Christian music.  It is his passion - I actually prayed about this a few years ago.  Let me explain.

We are a family of introverts.  We like people but in short bursts and we have to charge up before and recharge after by being alone.  When you combine being an introvert with also being shy (me and Andrew), you become a great people-watcher that other people just can't quite figure out.  On the outside we may look uninterested and aloof, on the inside we are doing cartwheels.

Oh yeah - I was going to explain about the prayer.  Andrew doesn't get real excited about anything - or he doesn't show it anyway.  He is VERY good at a LOT of things, so his options career-wise are pretty good when he makes up his mind what that will be.  A few years ago I began praying that God would give him a passion about something.  Anything.  I also prayed that God would bring him a challenge.  He did.  But that's another post.

Andrew learns very quickly.  Lucky him.  I envy his nearly photographic memory.  But he showed a great aptitude for music and a love of performance of any kind - stand up comedy, concerts, MC of shows, drama.  But the passion is contemporary Christian music.  But not just the music.  He wants to know about the artists, their beginnings, what instruments they play, where they live (that sounds stalkerish but it really is just how he processes info).

So, I've been sitting (in the back safely away from the crowd) with Andrew at AtlantaFest, learning about his music and listening to some music that I definitely will learn to love.  I can tell he gets excited when he pulls out his camera :)

I know this isn't my mother's style of Christian music, but I know she is in heaven jumping for joy over the fact that she has a grandchild who loves the Lord and the music he inspires.

My kid is a Jesus Freak and that is so cool.

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Skoots1moM said...

Yes...yes it is! Such a great event to share and a golden memory...sharing time with our kids is such a blessing!...and she's probably dancing with Leslie's daddy ;)