Monday, June 17, 2013


I've realized something:  parenting is hard.

Especially when it is your own parent that needs parenting.  Boo.  I knew this day would come someday.  It came a lot earlier than I had hoped.  It actually started around 2002 or so when my mother's health really started to decline.

Now my sister and I are in the position of making care decisions for my dad.  Since she lives with him, little sister gets the brunt of the burden.

He tells us he is glad we now get along... um... we have gotten along quite well for a pretty long time.  Guess he didn't notice.  But if we agree on a care decision, we are "ganging up" on him.  OOOOO KAY then.

We are doing the best we can and I think we can be proud that we are honoring him by not leaving him to fend for himself.  Improving the health of a 76 year old with cognitive issues, a very enlarged prostate, an iron will, and no appetite for real food is proving to be a challenge.  Thankfully, the rehab center where he is staying is supportive of our decisions and honest about his challenges.

It has been a day.

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