Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time with my son

I'm getting some really nice time with my son lately.  He is 17  and some months, gifted academically and musically, a good friend, and has an incredible memory for the things he is interested in.  Like me, he is an introvert and pretty shy.  He LOVES the stage - put a microphone in his hand and watch him go.  Not singing (yet) but he can improvise like crazy and keep you interested.

He hates driving.

Maybe "hate" is a strong word, but it has taken pressure, guilt, and manipulation to convince him to learn to drive.  That, and his permit expires in October.  So he has decided to bite the bullet and learn.  Surprisingly, he has not taken to it.  He has been harder to teach than his sister, but in the end I think he will be okay after he gets his license and inherits DH's old pickup truck.  So driving lessons has given us some great opportunities to learn from and more about each other.  He has relaxed in the last two days and his driving is much much better.

He has this passion for music.

He loves contemporary Christian music - many genres of it, too.  He knows more worship music and more ABOUT worship music than anyone else I know.  So, today we are going to AtlantaFest and have a 4 day pass.  I am going into his world of music and hopefully will learn something from him.  Pray that my heart is softened to the messages I will hear and to my dear son's passion.

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