Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tap, tap, is this thing on?

Hello to all both of my readers.  Thought I'd update you on some things:

  • I made the show choir.  Now to memorize music and accept the challenge.
  • My pastor of 12 years has been moved to Nashville, TN.  While sad, I feel that this is definitely of God and my new pastor will be able to shepherd this flock.
  • I went to Washington, DC.  I loved it.  Cool city and just did not have enough time to do the things I wanted to do.  Mount Vernon was my favorite day of the whole trip.
  • The idea that teachers do not work in the summer is a myth.  I have a stack of work I have successfully managed to avoid.  So, I will have a couple of mega-work days in order to be ready for day 1 of pre-planning on July 31.  After six years, I will not be teaching Calculus, but I have two new classes to teach, in addition to one I taught last year.
  • I haven't had my vacation yet.  No, DC was not vacation (for me).  But it is coming and it will be in the mountains.
  • Teaching my son to drive is way harder than teaching my daughter.  
  • Gluten is not my friend.  I'm not super sensitive to it, but I cannot lose weight if I eat it.
  • My dad has been in the hospital and is now in rehab.  He must gain weight to go home.  
So that's the update.  Tune in - I might actually write something again someday.

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