Sunday, June 15, 2008

6 days & counting

DD's jaw surgery is coming up, DH & DS are at scout camp, and we have a busy week.

As we are making the count down, we are making lists of very crunchy no-no foods she can eat before surgery; lists of things we need to buy before surgery; people she wants to have come over before surgery; and scheduling an appointment for pink highlights. *yes* *pink* I mean, if YOU were about to have a bone saw taken to your jaw wouldn't YOU want to do something a little wild?

So, this week, keep my girl in your prayers? She needs them and I need them.

Starting Saturday, we will be giving updates on her recovery on her blog.


Robin Lambright said...

Let me know if you what me to pas this along to the prayer team????

I will be praying for her and you as well.


Sarah said...

That would be great. She is quite frightened. But holding up great, I think.