Monday, June 23, 2008

Now that we're home...

DD is doing exceptionally well. She can feel most of her lip and chin. She can drink from a cup. She slept the entire night last night. Whoo hoo!

Her swelling has increased in the lower part of her fact. Yesterday is was very swollen but the upper part is what I noticed the most. She was very exhausted yesterday.

She has 4 very tight rubber bands attached to her braces holding her mouth in the correct position, in addition to the plates and screws in her jaw bone, plus a surgical splint (rigid fixation) wired into the lower braces to help her learn her new bite.

After she woke up on Saturday, she was feeling her face and teeth, and said, "My teeth fit together." Wow. With her incredible overbite, her teeth have never fit together correctly.

Food-wise we are getting creative. Last night she wanted a chocolate milkshake (they have to be very thin). I didn't have any milk but we had chocolate Ensure and mixed that with chocolate ice cream with really great results. She was happy about that. I made chicken pot pie but before baking it, I took the soupy mixture and put it in the blender. Some stuff just wouldn't thin, so I took that part out to mix in with some soup later. It tasted like a really rich cream of chicken soup.

I have modified my diet some to accomodate her. Since surgery, I have lost two pounds. Whoo.

Anyway, on the recovery front, things are looking great. We are very happy.


Libby said...

so i was gonna try to eat sympathy food today. i ate chicken noodle soup for lunch. minus the chicken. but then i got hungry and ate an apple. and some ice cream :[ and i'm STILL hungry. idk how she is surviving. haha but im glad she can eat something :]

Mezzo Forte said...

it's so great that she's doing so well. Cool beans on the it when it comes off! congrats. chicken pot pie sounds really good - i'm kinda hungry right now.