Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 4 is a little low

DD had a great day yesterday. Today she isn't feeling so good and so is resting on the couch and waiting on a visitor. She has been disappointed more of her friends haven't offered to come see her, I think, but she doesn't say it.

Her stomach is bothering her some, so I am glad that today is the last day for mandatory ibuprofen (800 mg tablets). Her pain was increased this morning so she took 1/2 a lortab, which makes her a little dizzy and unsteady. All in all, she is doing extremely well, including today.

She is excited for tomorrow as her elastics will be removed and a spoon will fit in her mouth. Right now, even a baby spoon won't fit.

Oh and pray for Erin, there has been a glitch in her treatment - hopefully minor.

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