Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nurses: Male or Female

Our first nurse in the regular room was a woman. She was good, but towards the end she was tired and let some stuff slide, like calling the doctor when we asked.

Our night nurse is a guy. And interestingly, he has taken some time to talk to Leah. When he gave her the pain meds, he massaged her arm to make sure it went in well.

My experience has been that male nurses for whatever reason are generally better. (Note I said generally - I have had many many wonderful female nurses) So - I'm wondering, what has been your experience?

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Jennifer said...

good morning mrs foster! :)

i like all nurses, although i don't think i've ever had a male nurse. i have to go get a shot for college tomorrow. i hope i get a cool band-aid. haha. and a cool nurse.