Friday, June 6, 2008


I can't think of any other way to categorize my thoughts right now...

I am about to head to sunny, sweaty Florida with a bunch of teenagers and some other adults. This will be a challenge - not the teens, but the adults. Just pray that some annoyances won't get to me. And I guess that I won't get to them either.

Then we have a week of appointments, trying to get all the last minute plans taken care of before DD's surgery. Jaw surgery is a huge deal. It will cause swelling like you've never seen before, makes it feel like you can't breathe for a couple of days, and affects how you can (or can't) eat. She has recently received a huge blessing from a young man who had this surgery last year and is giving her encouragement and support via e-mail. She is already visibly more relaxed. So, the next two weeks are all about her. We are trying to do everything she won't be able to do after surgery.

The biggest piece of advice was to make sure that she was not alone - either before or after surgery - as it is very easy to isolate yourself but to realize there will some days when she just won't feel like seeing anybody. So, please call before you come.

And for me? Well, you know I can be a little OCD. It had paid off as I thought of a couple of details related to surgery the doctors didn't think of. She is a very unusual case so that's not too surprising, but I kind of hoped they would have come up with it themselves. My OCDness earned me more peace of mind and two extra pre-surgical appointments.

I saw on another blog where the patient made a t-shirt that said "you should see the other guy." One of my teacher friends said we should make one that says,"I had jaw surgery - don't call DFACS." HAHA.

Anyway - thems my random thoughts for this morning.

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