Monday, June 2, 2008

Sleeping In

This is what one can do with no work, no appointments, and no MEN in the house. Can I get an AMEN? *AMEN*

I also can: stay up late and eat pancakes for lunch.

DH is gone until Wednesday and I do miss him. DS is gone until Friday and I miss him, too. But all girl time is wonderful and we can watch chick flicks without editorial commentary from the gents.

Well. Need to finish my morning coffee :)

But then we are going to work on DD's bathroom and strip wallpaper. So it's not all fun and games. Not all. But mostly.


skoots1mom said...

aaaaaaaahhhhhh! mostly restful girl time is so great, knowing you can kick back and not worry necessarily what's for dinner and when it will be served.
I'm with ya.

Robin Lambright said...

A big shout out from the "just me" zone. OMGosh! I had a weird moment yesterday when I felt kinda lonely but it passed. It passed quick. I pent the day doing exaclty what I wanted to do all day. What a concept. I havent actually cooked anything in thre days. I may forget how, naaaaa. But it has been wonderful. I'm glad you had a moment.
Love ya

Mezzo Forte said...

I tried to post here the other day - but it kept kicking me out. WIERDNESS