Monday, June 22, 2015


The bubble burst last night in spectacular form.  Goodbye happy place.
I was reminded that I still needed to forgive regardless of how hurt I am.

Let it go.

Jesus hung on a cross and forgave. In his human weakness on that cross, He was still God. Those who crucified him did not know what they did.  Zacchaeus made amends to those he wronged.  In my human selfishness I want amends to be made. What is wrong with that?

*****Edited: I just had a talk with a wise friend who has an amazing capacity to forgive about what it means to forgive.  To forgive is to cancel debt and not expect repayment.  It does not cancel feelings or pain or anger.  Those will fade in time.  It cancels the expectation of anything in response to the debt that was owed.  And it is between me and God.

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