Monday, June 29, 2015

Thoughts from Mayberry

Someone recently mentioned to me about having a "Mayberry family."  There is some truth there. My future son in law tells us we are like a sitcom family and he always wanted one of his own.  So there you have it, but we do not live in an idealized world.

As we were having dinner tonight with both of our children, the future son in law, and the son's girlfriend, I thought a bit on the idea of a Mayberry family.  Thinking is hard to do with this group because everyone is talking at once and there are a lot of stories and laughing.

Here's some of what I pondered:
Eating dinner with your family is some of the best teaching there is.  At our dinner table, no topic is forbidden. We discuss religion, politics, education, the day's events, tomorrow's events, and veggie tales.  No really.... We do.    All those and so much more.  It is our time to relax and reflect on our days and doesn't happen nearly frequently enough.  Many of the world's problems are solved at that table.

Time at the fishing hole helps you think and ponder.  We all enjoy fishing (and catching and eating) but it is the solitude we crave.

Sometimes a piece of pie and a cup of coffee in the middle of the day with a trusted friend is necessary.

We all need an aunt Bea in our lives to make us  feel safe and comforted.  Comfort food doesn't hurt either.

Ending the day singing together and listening to crickets and watching lightening bugs can be all the entertainment you need.

We all need a cousin Goober.  Mine was named Earnest Earl and he also fixed cars.  He kept my 73 Maverick going for a long time.

 So I guess I do have somewhat of a Mayberry family.  I like the routine, the traditions, and the comfort.

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