Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wrapped in prayer

In moments of sadness and loss or joy and praise, we all need prayer.

There are a group of women in our church who make blankets for such occasions.  Death in a family, surgeries, illnesses.  This is mine and while it is 95 degrees outside, I felt the need to wrap up in it for a little while.  While this blanket was being made, they prayed.  Before it was brought to me, it was prayed over.  Sometimes you just need to be wrapped in prayer.

This week, this group of women will be sending these blankets to the families of the Charleston shooting so they will know there are people in Georgia praying for them.

My blanket stays in my sun room, in plain sight, as a daily reminder to me that prayer works and to pray daily.

So, tell me, loyal readers, what helps you remember to pray?

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